Monday, April 22, 2013

Pot Control Tip of the Day finds its way to the Switch Poker Blog, Also, Onion Soup is Delicious

So today is the big roll out for my blog entry/tip of the day over at Switch Poker.  I'm pretty pumped about it, although I'm not really sure how many people are reading that particular blog.  The intro:

You can't win every hand of poker you play. In fact, in the long run, you'll win roughly the same number of hands as your opponents. So what separates a winning poker player from a losing one?  One way to make sure we're winning at the table is with superior pot control .

The rest of it is here.  For an attempt at dealing with a pretty complex topic in a very short number of words, I'm pretty pleased with it. 

Incidentally, if anyone out there wants me to set them up at Switch Poker, leave a comment and let me know. It's a small room, but it's really convenient and easy to pick up and play, on a desktop or on an iphone/ipod/android/etc. 

As an update on the cooking front, making onion soup was actually quite simple, tastes great, and has basically no calories as well

The only real ingredients you need:

- A bunch of onions
- A tablespoon or so of butter
- beef broth
- patience

I really thought I was going to have to add a lot of stuff to the recipe to make it palatable, but it's actually quite good as-is.  

Chop up as many onions as you'll be able to fit into a frying pan (medium sized pieces are fine, no need to burn your eyeballs off mincing the onion).

Put all the onions in a large pot with the butter and let them simmer for about 30-40 minutes, stirring  every few minutes, so the onions get nice and translucent but don't start cooking to the bottom of the pot.

The patience is key here.  Don't try to rush it, just let the onions cook down, adding more butter to keep them from sticking if needed. 

Once that's finished, add enough beef broth to the pot to make your onion soup the consistency of, well, soup, then add a bit more.  You're going to let this simmer for a few hours, so add a bit more water or broth as it cooks down.

That's it.  Tasty, easy, low in calories. 

More in a few days. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

New New Content

Well... here it is.  Over a year since the last time I tried to open this blog.  Yikes.  Well, here I am trying again, and this time, I'm expecting it to work.

It's not that I've been lazy.  On the contrary, I've just been so busy with the poker that even the poker blog has taken a back seat.  It seems like every time I sat down to write a blog entry, some interesting poker action would come up and I would chase it down.

February was one of my best months of poker ever, and I enjoyed the victory by taking a trip to my home town in Michigan to clean my stuff out of my parents basement.  While I was there I positively pillaged the local charity poker room (including joining and winning a massively over-raked tournament).  The rake structure might be terrible, but Woody's Poker Room does put on a good tournament. State law mandates a whopping 20% of the prize pool go to charity, but at least the tournament organizer did all he could to take care of the players.

Then on top of that, I lucked into a pretty good score when bitcoins shot up in value and I was holding on to a small pile of them... luckily I dumped about 90% or so before the crash.

So.... yeah.  Feeling like the year is off to a good start so far. I've been off the caffeine for about a week now  and it's starting to feel like a good thing instead of slow torment.

Tomorrow, I'll be cracking open Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking to try my hand at some onion soup (on the quest for a low calorie lunch option that isn't salad). If it's not terrible, I'll post the results here.

On the blogging front, I have a strategy article coming out soon for Switch Poker, which I'll re-post here as well if I can.

Hijinks to follow.

Did you know "hijinks" is a slang variant of the actual "high jinks?"  My vocabulary is pretty good, and I had no idea.  Huh. It seems wrong as two words.  Can you have low jinks?  medium jinks?  eye level jinks?